Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric assessments are widely being used in corporations for objective assessment in pre-employment , succession planning, team development and individual growth.  Senso 3C offers Psychometric assessments for:

  • Individual personal development and career assessments
  • Companies pre-employment and team developmental objectives

No training required.  No set up costs apply.  Consultancy included.  Plan your future and live the life you want to live with these fee-based self-assessment and career discovery tests. 

Career Interest Profiler - Career Exploration, Canadian

Career Interest Profiler - Detailer

Career Transition

Personal Effectiveness

Leadership Competency

Select Personnel

Career Values Scale

Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Profile & Interpretation

Stress Profile

Work Engagement Profile

If you are interested in any of these assessments, contact us for more information at 905.366.0766 or toll free at 1.866.736.7632.  Tests can be completed remotely and your confidential assessment results will be emailed within 72 hours of test completion.  A free 20 minute consultation with a Recruitment Specialist (in person or telephonically) is also included if you would like us to review your results with you. 



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