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Cabinet Maker

Mississauga, Ontario

- Sets up and operates woodworking machines
- Use various hand tools to fabricate and repair wooden cabinets and furniture
- Studies blueprints of articles to be constructed or repaired
- Documents dimensions where required (lumber stock, paper, etc)
- Matches materials for colour, grain or texture
- Cuts and trims component parts
- Glue and clamp parts
- Insert nails and other fasteners into joints at designated places to reinforce joints
- Sand and scrape joints of articles and prepare for finishing
- Dip, brush, stain, varnish or paint cabinets

- Minimum 3 years experience as a journeyman cabinet maker or related position in a woodworking capacity
- Experience in using woodworking machines such as power saws, jointer, mortise, tenoner, molder and/or shaper
- Considerable knowledge of the occupational hazards and safety precautions of the trade
- Adept with following instructions

Please send your resume to careers@senso3c.com and state the job title in the subject line. You may also fax your resume to 905.366.0166.[back]

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