Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric assessments are widely being used in corporations for objective assessment in pre-employment, succession planning, team development and individual growth.  Senso 3C offers Psychometric assessments for:

  • Individual personal development and career assessments
  • Company pre-employment and team developmental objectives

No training required.  No set up costs apply.  Consultancy included.  Plan your future and live the life you want to live with these fee-based self-assessment and career discovery tests. 

Assessment Name
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Assessment Overview
Identify suitable career choices based on skills and interests
Thorough description of the CIP report outlining detailed occupation information
Insight regarding personality traits, the kind of work they enjoy, managing change and dealing with stress
Describes strengths & preferences and suggests techniques for increasing workplace effectiveness
Increase leadership effectiveness associated with the individual's personality traits
Provides guidance of personnel selection decisions based on candidate's work approach
Measures work values, preferences providing an in-depth analysis of the individual's current career situation
Individual suggestions of personal conflict handling styles with alternative approach suggestions
Factors that affect health and psychological well-being including risk alerts and health resources with stress management solutions
Measures an employee's competence based on rewards including a developmental planning worksheet

Our leading assessments help you improve team performance, resolve conflict, develop leaders, guide careers and select suitable employees.  Tests can be completed remotely and your confidential assessment results will be emailed within 72 hours of test completion.  A free 20 minute consultation with a Recruitment Specialist (in person or telephonically) is also included if you would like us to review your results with you. 

The quality tests and reports have been designed by psychologists, human resource consultants, recruitment specialists and organizational consultants.  If you are an organization thinking about implementing any of these Psychometric assessments within your company, please contact us for more information and to receive some sample assessments.



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